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SERIES: Top 10 VELO Boxing Gloves of All times

Here are Top Ten VELO Boxing products that are specially designed for durability, strength and best hand protection; you’ll find your strength with this VELO Boxing equipment. If you need the right access to boxing equipment, we are here to present to you all our products that can give you the maximum information about VELO

AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane visited Asian Boxing Championships

AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane visited ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. He had meetings with officials and athletes, after which he underlined the high level of boxing, the developments and the unity of the AIBA Boxing Family. “I watched all of the quarter-finals at the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships, and my first

Teach Your Child to Knock His Way to Sportsmanship

Although infamous for its volatile nature, boxing is a great sport for children to teach them the art of intelligent moves by outwitting the opponent. A mentally stimulating activity to aid children build confidence, boxing training also increases their overall physical strength. It is a constructive way to let children understand the importance of taking

Does Losing Weight through Boxing Possible?

Are you looking for a workout that burns calories and carves your body at the same time? Do you want a full-body workout that’s challenging, fun and effective for weight loss? Then boxing is for you! Find out why boxing is the best workout for weight loss in particular. Your body needs to serve a