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Tyson Fury - VELO Sports Roundup

Tyson Fury Boxing Fixtures Analysis. VELO Boxing’s Round-Up On

Tyson Fury | VELO Boxing | VELO Sports

Boxing is played by a fighting pair; try to knock down each other with in the rules defined with their superior fighting techniques. Recently we were skimming through the web for the latest from the boxing world and stuck with this story of Tyson Fury. We dig down deeper in to the stories covered by various blogs and thought to put up our opinion on it as well. So let’s have a roundup of all blogs along with our review on the story below.

This was about introducing an attraction to a body of people outside the hardcore sphere. Let’s talk about the worlds famous boxer called Tyson Fury also called he is one of the famous heavyweight boxer. We as VELO Boxing guess he is one the best heavy weight boxer. None of the other boxers have the magnetism like he can. [1]

We as VELO Boxing take Tyson Fury as one of the best heavyweight boxer. Tyson Fury was last seen in the ring when he had a great fight with another great heavyweight champion named Deontay Wilder, and he quotes, “I think it was a higher power that brought me to my feet,” says Fury of getting up from the mat, “to spread the word on mental health and to help other people. I hope it inspired many people as I enjoyed getting up off that canvas and fighting on. And it takes more than a punch to knock me down and make me stay down.”

Breakdown: Tyson Fury Vs Tom Schwarz Both Heavyweight Boxers Fight Previews

Tyson Fury VS Tom Schwarz | VELO Boxing | VELO Sports

It is like always that Tyson Fury shocks the world, as if he is playing in the ring same like one of the most known boxer, a king of heavyweight. Both of the heavyweight champions were together in the ring and shocked the world. Deontay Wilder earlier stated, “I have a lot of inspiration. I’m ready to shock the world. This is a great time in the heavyweight division, and I am happy to be part of it. On Saturday night, it’s my time. I am prepared. Tyson Fury picked me for a reason, and I promise a great fight, a dramatic fight, and a memorable moment for all boxing fans.”

Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury is in LAS VEGAS

The great heavyweight boxer was in Vegas and talked about his match with Tom Schwarz at the Grand MGM in Vegas happened on 15 of June. Tyson Fury also talked about his health and nature, he also dropped his attention to the beautiful nature when he had at an interview with Rich Eisen. He was wearing a LA style Pimp shirt and shorts which were “pink to make the girls wink” and also he said: “I never ever looked up my opponent”.

Andy Ruiz Fight Highlights with world’s Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury

Tyson fury VS Andy Ruiz Jnr | VELO Boxing | VELO Sports

“Stick to your own sport and leave the fighting to the fighting men,” Tyson Fury continued, adding that Joshua “didn’t want to continue” in his battle with Andy Ruiz. The widely regarded lineal heavyweight champion of the world then sought to separate himself from Joshua. “If there’s an ounce of breath left in my body…then I’ll continue to fight on,” said Tyson Fury. “At the end of the day, it’s the fight in the person.” Although his words for Joshua may have come across as harsh, Tyson Fury had nothing but good to say about Andy Ruiz. “I thought Andy Ruiz win was amazing,” he said. “I’m absolutely over the moon for Andy. Couldn’t have happened to a nice guy.”

Heavyweight Boxer Fans wants Tyson Fury and Deonty Wilder Rematch

Tyson Fury VS Deontay Wilder | VELO Boxing | VELO Sports

As we said before Tyson Fury is one of the most famous heavyweight boxer. Everyone knows that Tom Schwarz is 25 years old but hardly tested as yet and Tyson Fury is in his thirties and still in his physical prime. So it seems like Tyson Fury has more power than Tom Schwarz at least mathematically. Tyson Fury will have a three and half inch height advantage. Tyson Fury was at a ring against Tom Schwarz. Many people expected that Tyson Fury will engage in a rematch with WBC heavy weight champion Deonty Wilder after their draw. The rematch between these two will be highly predicted however it is not expected to happen until the first quarter of 2020.

Deonty Wilder Scoffs at Worlds Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury. Challenge, despite huge weight deficit

Tyson Fury still had a chance to enter in the ring once more before his big fall down with Deonty Wilder. Both of the champions were together in the ring in front of each other. It’s a risk for Tyson Fury to face a high level of opposition.

On Saturday night June 15 Tom Schwarz (24-0) were look to create his own monumental upset in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is an unconceivable pressure on the shoulders of the Tyson Fury. In this contest Tyson Fury should try to win with ease. However, as boxing has shown as time and time again, nothing happens quite how it should.

Now at the same time until the Deonty Wilder fight ,his attacks have been getting somewhat dismal. The first fight in 2011 was a belter of a fight. And the second was a stroll for Tyson Fury. When he is in good form there are few boxers who emanate the sort of illustration, humor and self-deprecation that Tyson Fury has in copiousness.[2]

Tyson Fury is known to us very obsessive however our ambition is to make him known to the casuals. Tyson Fury is type of guy who can breakout who can get us off the calling website.[3]

Tyson Fury had successfully recalled the lineal heavy weight title with an insistent second-round knockout victory over the earlier-unbeaten German Tom Schwarz.

Tom Schwarz who was following his antagonist to no avail while Tyson Fury showcased impressive variety and shot selection-quickly. Tyson Fury confirmed post- fight that he will return to the ring once more before the end of the year.[4]

Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury Scoffs Anthony Joshua Says: He Is Finished As A Fighter

Tyson Fury VS Anthony Joshua | VELO Boxing | VELO Sports

Tyson Fury discussing Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder most of the times. It’s not surprisingly that Tyson Fury is talking about Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua. Because majority were caught to talk about them. Tyson Fury says that Anthony Joshua won’t be able to come back in the ring and he is finished as a fighter. “When a man does not want to be there once he will always do it and it’s hard to come back from said Tyson Fury to BBC sport about Joshua quitting against Andy Ruiz. It’s been done many different times by many different fighters. He did it that night and I don’t think he will come back from it. Finished. Ask any top trainer who has been around the sport a lifetime. When he got to the ring I saw he did not want to be there”.[5]

 “This is what I’ve been working for since I was a kid,” said Schwarz last month at a press conference. “A fight against Tyson Fury is a dream come true. I’ve got nothing to lose, and my twenty-fifth victory will come against Fury.”

Due to the most interesting and trending topic for the public, to discuss both, Tyson Fury and the Tom Schwarz got the attention from the public. He will likely have fun stippling Tom Schwarz with shots. The six foot seven inch height Tyson Fury will have a big advantage in haste and sneaky.

“I’m the best of my era and if I can’t beat Tom Schwarz, I might as well retire,” Fury told Telegraph Sport a few days ago. “If I can’t beat him (Schwarz) then what is the point in boxing anymore? I must be shot.” [6]

Schwarz Is Not Really Chubby Enough To Beat Heavyweight CHAM Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury seems like always he looks fantastic, as in his style moved and beat in the opening round while Tom Schwarz presented a Pint-sized opposition against Tyson Fury. Like everyone knows that Tyson Fury is famous for his own power and style he is also known as one of the heavyweight boxer as well. Tom Schwarz was bothering shots and punch one by one and his nose was badly bleeding. Tyson Fury opened up and plunged him with a range of disappointments. Tom Schwarz got up with his blinking eyes. He was suffering in a big trouble.[7]

Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Coming Fight Expected on September 7th/21st at MSG in New York

Tyson Fury VS Mike Coppinger | VELO Boxing |VELO Sports

We as VELO Boxing says excitedly that Tyson Fury will be fighting next on 7th September or 21st in New York at Madison Square Garden, according to Mike Coppinger. Arum will be meeting with MTK global reps to talk about Tyson Fury’s opponent for September.

In the history, once again we will see Tyson Fury in the ring, many from the public are so excited to watch him again , same like Arum wants Deonty Wilder fights with Tyson Fury in the upcoming match. The opponent of Tyson Fury, Arum says that he wants to see both the Tyson Fury and Deonty Wilder again in the ring. Whereas, Deonty Wilder is expecting the rematch to face Luis Ortiz. Last year their fight was a byre-flame. Their fans are impatient to see both of them guys again in the ring.

Tyson Fury a Heavyweight Boxer Needs a Better Opponent in His Next Fight

This is the most interesting topic now a days everybody is very curious to know about Tyson Fury September fight. Coming back to the previous fight of Tyson Fury and the one and only Tom Schwarz. Their previous match was badly out rated, the watched ratings of that fight was badly failed and we can also says, that approximately 5000 tickets were sold in that match. American citizens wants to see the high quality match.

Arum Wants to Travel to Japan

According to Theathleticbox , Arum plans to travel to Japan to sit down with WBA bantamweight champion Naoya to Inoue to assign a co-promotional deal.

We as VELO Boxing decides that our support for all the boxers will be conflicting with the passage of time, Either they put their performance and make sure that the rebirth of the division remains or faces a similar embarrassing. Hopefully, the upcoming fight of September will took a historical path in the world of WBC.[8]

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