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VELO :: VELO Boxing 2019 - VELO Pro Elegance Series

VELO SERIES: Boxing Gloves Portfolio – 2019, VELO ELEGANCE SERIES

VELO Elegance Series include VELO’s Power Product Line including VELO Boxing Gloves, VELO Head Gard, VELO Arm Pad, VELO Focus Pad, and VELO Shin Instep. VELO’s Elegance Series suits best for those who are fighting with professional gears on. Although, these can be used in Fitness Training as well. The dynamics of this VELO Elegance Series will help you understand the sports better with each jab and punch you give to the opponent and take the grueling punch on your gear. Here are further specifications of the VELO Elegance Series.


VELO Elegance Boxing Gloves made of fine Quality Grade Leather these are the best and most comfortable gloves. Stuffed with a single layer molded shock-absorbent inner foam padding which protects your thumb, fingers, and knuckles from injury while hitting. We feel that these gloves really shine as a sparring glove due to their heavily padded knuckle, upper hand area and wrist area for blocking kicks and jabs during your fight or even while you are training.

VELO :: New Boxing Gloves Series :: VELO ELEGANCE SERIES 2019-20

The highly compressed foam mold guarantees a lightweight yet sturdy glove. Integrated Mesh wicks sweat away from the hand, improving comfort during long bouts. Hook & Loop closure strap ensures a snug fit and enhanced wrist support. Lightweight construction ensures complete freedom of movement – perfect for kickboxing gloves as well.

Like always, VELO fans ask from us that from where I can buy professional boxing gloves? We direct our fans to VELO’s Official Website here: https://www.veloboxing.co.uk/


  • Available in all size’s from 8oz to 16oz.
  • Leather Strap Velcro Closing System.
  • High-quality Cow Hide leather is durable and long-lasting.


Head Guard is used to protecting the face and the skull against weighted knockbacks. These VELO boxing head guards of Elegance Series are made of fine Quality Grade Leather this is the best quality leather that is used in the manufacturing of these boxing head guards. Handcrafted padding used for head, ears and jaws protection. Leather Velcro Strap closing system on backside of head is specially designed to protect the head of the athelete.

VELO :: New Boxing Head guards Series :: VELO ELEGANCE SERIES 2019-20

When you are buying head guard, make sure that you get the correct size. This lightweight head guard is well padded for head protection while offering a wide aperture for good peripheral vision.


  • Light weight allow easily head movement.
  • Lightweight anti-slip head guard latest Quality Grade leather material.
  • Excellent visibility range and non-slip fit.


VELO Elegance Arm Pad is made of Quality Grade Leather which is padded with single layer thick underlay foam. Two layers of gel integrated thick foam are used for heavy-duty shock absorption. To make VELO Arm Pad’s quality better, single layer soft Eva Foam is used with strong handle and leather.

VELO :: New Boxing Arm Pad Series :: VELO ELEGANCE SERIES 2019-20

VELO Arm Pad comes in the revolutionary new Innovation pad is made of Microfiber Artificial Leather and filled with three layers of 3.5″ thick, hard-packed, high-density foam to take the most grueling hits. It easily absorbs full contact strikes and the double layered webbing, re-enforced buckle straps with extra wrist support ensures a more secure fit.

Held vertically, horizontally, at different height or facing the floor, the VELO Arm Pad will ensure you an improvement of your accuracy, your technique and your strength. The new Aero Punch Technology, because of its molded foam structure it absorbs shock waves more evenly, therefore, reducing the risk of strain injuries that can occur during training.

Due to its curved design, the VELO Arm Pad offers an optimal striking surface. Trainers or strikers, both of them will be fully satisfied. Heavy Duty Strong Quality Grade Leather for lasting durability. Triple re-enforced stitched and riveted Leather handle for a comfortable and secure grip.


  • layers of 3.5 thick high-density foam padding are used to improve shock absorption.
  • Double-layered webbing re-enforced buckle Velcro latch straps.
  • 38 cm long 19 cm Width and 10 cm thick Features.


VELO Elegance Focus Pad is made of fine Quality Grade Leather which is padded with one thick layer underlay foam. One layer of gel integrated thick foam is used for heavy-duty, shock absorption and single layer soft Eva foam also enhanced the specifications of VELO Focus Pad otherwise new elasticated wrist area designed  for string grip on wrist.

VELO :: New Boxing Focus Pad Series :: VELO ELEGANCE SERIES 2019-20

What makes VELO Focus Pad different is that is designed with state-of-the-art padding and hand grips for bearing the gruesome hits and jabs. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while choosing Focus Pads. You need to check what kind of absorption technology is present in pads when you are searching for best focus pads. Furthermore, the foam or other absorption material should be compressed for better wearer protection. Focus pads should also have breathable material or moisture-wicking fabric for the comfort of the wearer. All of these things are already present in VELO Focus Pads.

Inner hand binding has reinforced stitching. VELO Focus Padsare compact, measuring only 6.5 in lengths and 3.4 inches thick hand sized. Focus Pads designed to improve fast accuracy. Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and cardio classed.


  • These Focus Pads are made from the top quality Brand New Lightweight Quality Grade Leather material to enhance the durability and reliability of the product.
  • Hand sized Focus Pads designed to fast moving hand improve accuracy to eye co-ordination.
  • Curved design allows for upper cuts and hook and Jab.


VELO Elegance Shin Instep is designed to ensure ultimate protection and is made up of fine quality grade leather. Adjustable Velcro Strap closing with steel clip covered in same material to ensure safety training and strong grip of the strap. VELO perfect combination of performance, Stylish and comfort Urban Warfare shin guards from offer an incredible protection for your body as well as an amazing design.

VELO :: New Boxing Shin Insteps Series :: VELO ELEGANCE SERIES 2019-20

Muay Thai Boxing, MMA Professional Quality Grade Leather Grappling Shin-Instep Guards have featured articulated foam panels over the ankle and instep that provide additional comfort and enhanced performance structures with 100%. This combination of high tech and traditional materials gives you modern day comfort and old fashioned durability and strength.

These are top-notch, top-quality handmade Guards which are fabricated from select hides of full Quality Grade Leather with extra thick Membrane Gel Shock Padding for formidable grappling protection. Dual cross-directional strap system for ultimate support and striking performance this feature ensures the proper positioning of the shin and will make you feel like the Shins were tailored made to fit you. High-density foam with additional padding (shinbone and instep) for enhanced shock absorption.

Large Velcro straps for a no-slip fit. Hook and-loop straps Really Secure Articulated Foam panels cover ankle and instep for added comfort and enhanced performance.


  • 3 Layered thick Eva foam based padding for improved support.
  • Available in all sizes from XS to XXL.
  • Multi-layer extra thick padding for maximum protection.
  • Convenient Adjustable Strap.

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